Unplanned Pregnancy Support For Fathers

Unplanned Pregnancy Support for Fathers You’ve passed the third billboard in a row. Each one is the same, depicting an expectant mother and a number to call for support. “Unexpected pregnancy?” the billboards read. “Call this number for help.” Where … Continued

Boyfriend Wants A Abortion

Help! My boyfriend wants me to get an abortion! When I discovered my unplanned pregnancy, I went through all the emotions, from fear to joy. Pregnancy hormones are intense. My boyfriend was the only person I told about my late … Continued

Pregnancy Quiz

Pregnancy Quiz Am I Pregnant? TAKE THIS ONLINE PREGNANCY QUIZ   If you are wondering, “Am I pregnant?” you can read the signs that your own body is already giving you. Please take this early pregnancy quiz for help. 1. … Continued

Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Am I Pregnant? 12 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms to Look For Have you been experiencing bodily changes? Do you think you may be pregnant? This can be a puzzling time as it is. To add to the confusion, many pregnancy … Continued


Only You Can Write Your Story: What to Do if Someone Pressures You to Abort Who’s Doing the Writing? If you’re reading this, you might be feeling overwhelmed right now. Maybe you turned a page in your story and hit … Continued

Free Pregnancy Test

If you think you may be pregnant your next step should be scheduling a FREE Pregnancy Test from Options Menomonie.  You do NOT have to go through this process alone. At Options Menomonie we can help you deal with the results, … Continued