If you decide to parent, we can help you prepare!

We provide comprehensive, no-cost parenting education and support, extending our support from the early stages of pregnancy through your child's second year. Our Learn and Earn program offers invaluable parenting education and support, tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. By participating, you not only gain access to vital information but also have the opportunity to earn essential items for both yourself and your child. From diapers and formula to clothing and more, our Baby Boutique offers a wide range of products to support you on your parenting journey. We understand that parenthood is a journey filled with both joys and challenges, and we are deeply committed to providing you with the guidance, resources, and encouragement you need every step of the way. 

Earn and Learn program

In addition to receiving valuable education and support, participants in our Learn and Earn program have the opportunity to earn points. With these points, you can redeem them for essential items for both themselves and their children. Our Baby Boutique offers a wide range of items, including diapers, formula, clothing, and more, ensuring that you have access to the necessities for your growing family. We believe that providing these practical resources can alleviate some of the financial stress associated with parenting. This also allow you to focus on bonding with your child and building a strong foundation for your family's future.

What are the benefits of parenting education and support?

  • Earn material items for your baby including the things you need every day.
  • Gain valuable knowledge on how to raise your little one.
  • Knowing someone is here to support you.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Enjoy the great satisfaction of being able to say, "I did this for my baby."
  • Accomplish something great for yourself and your baby.


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