Choosing to become a parent is a huge decision for anyone. You may wonder if you have the skills and ability to parent your child. Or maybe you just cannot imagine being a parent right now. No worries. We are here to talk about your concerns and help you get the information and support you need.

What should I know about parenting?

We work with you to provide the resources and support you need to become a successful (or good) parent.

In addition, we offer:

Prenatal/Parenting Education 

We provide education about pregnancy and parenting at no cost to you. We are here for you throughout your pregnancy and your child's early toddler years. With our Learn and Earn program you can earn points that are spent in our Baby Boutique. These programs allow you to earn baby items large and small from our Baby Boutique.

Community Resources

If you are parenting, we can help you connect with resources in the community to help you with family needs.

Family Planning Information

We provides education regarding family planning options.

What if I am considering parenting?

If you are considering parenting, you should take the following steps:

  1. Be sure you are pregnant. We offer clinical grade pregnancy tests free of charge.
  2. Find out how far along you are.
  3. Learn more about resources and support available to help you parent your child.
  4. Enroll in our Earn and Learn program.

Schedule an appointment and learn more about the services and support.
We can offer you should you decide to parent your child.