Options for Women Menomonie, pregnancy resource center, provides you with a no cost pregnancy tests. We provide information about all of your options when faced with a positive pregnancy test. We freely talk about Adoption, Abortion and Parenting. We know that all the options need to be thought out and talked about with an understanding person. It's all about an informed decision. We are pro information without judgement. We want to help you to be informed to make the choice you will live with. Our mentors provide a safe place to discuss the hard topics. 

We also provide a caring, learning environment to help and support you when you decide to become a parent. We have a earn and learn program to help you with the baby supplies you need. If placing for adoption you can count on us to walk beside you during your pregnancy and help you navigate the decision you have made to provide another family a gift of love. Abortion is a difficult decision that is final and should not be rushed or pressured into. We can provide you with medically accurate information about the process and abortion procedures. Allow us the time to walk with you as you make the choice around your pregnancy. Let us be the friend who will listen and walk beside you in this exciting and scary time. We are not a medical facility and do not provide or refer for abortions.


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